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Sadly, Topaz lost his home because his only person passed away, not his fault ! After that, he lived with a foster family, and then eventually came to Hope For the Animals. He’s approximately four years old, is a handsome muted orange tabby and is in great health. Topaz is really eager to find a home.
You can tell when you meet him he’s known love before. He remembers curling up with people, being held, and purring in someone’s arms. He loves lying on your pillow with you when you’re sleeping so when you awake, you have a cute, little cuddle boy looking at you with big golden eyes as if to say, “good morning”. He is very sociable and gets along great with other cats and you can see that Topaz wants very much to love again.
When Topaz tires of being petted (if that ever happens), he then enjoys very much playing with his toys. He also enjoys spreading out on a soft cushy cat bed basking in the sun. He is affectionate and also a little frisky. He will very softly grab your hand and softly nibble and suckle your fingers. He does this so softly that it actually tickles. And it is so endearing when he does this. This is his way of showing affection. Looking for a zealous cat with loads of personality? Please consider Topaz as a new member of your loving family.
Topaz is neutered and up to date on his shots.

Topaz is now at the Fairless Hills Petsmart with his two house mates. Chloe and Corey. Please come visit Topaz and the other kitties available for adoption.

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