I don’t know if anyone has seen the new commercial for the Shelter Project featuring the kitten twins from Mutts. During their little dialog about being “picked”, they say “we’ve been caged together too long!” That was Chance. Several months old (found out from the vet, about nine) and a little cranky, having grown up in the shelter. When I went to pet him, he growled and put his little paw up around my finger — I pointed that finger back at him and said “Oh, now you know Mama doesn’t do that!” — the claws retracted and he licked my finger. Yes, he wanted to go home.

I wasn’t sure how he’d like my house, but ten minutes out of the carrier and he was in my lap, purring like a buzz saw. Once he was allowed out to see the rest of the house, he spotted my three year old calico, Callie (adopted two years earlier from an HFA foster home), and it was love at first sight — well, for Chance anyhow. Callie took a little longer, but they’re great friends, now.

The picture was taken right after Thanksgiving, a few weeks after Chance came home — Callie is on the top of the sleeper tree, Chance is relaxing in the scoop below.

Thank you all so much for making this a very rewarding experience!


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