Milo, Mable, and Moo

Milo Mable Moo Train

Milo, Mable and Moo were all adopted from HFA at different times. Their family sent us pictures and stories about them.


Milo, originally called Stewart, was adopted in May 2009.

“Milo is very intelligent. “ His family says “He has figured out how to open drawers, divert water coming from a sink over his paw so he can drink without getting his head wet, and leads you right to things he wants, like Lassie!”
Milo spends his days napping, cuddling with his humans and gazing out from doors and windows with his companions, Mable and Moo.

Motherly love. Mable (top) and Milo (bottom)

Milo in a perfect depiction of the meaning of "cat nap"


Mable , originally called Tilley, is Milo’s mom. She was adopted in June 2009.

Her family says that she is friendly, dainty, and lady-like. “She likes to lay on the armrest next to anyone, even house guests.” says her owner. “If you pet her and then stop for any reason, she will gently tap you with her paw to remind you to continue.”


Mable found a good place to rest


Moo, originally called Austin, was adopted in October of 2010.

His family says that he likes to play fetch with toys and “chat” with squirrels he sees from the window. He is loving and sweet: “ He gives us Eskimo kisses and will climb into our arms, wrap his paws around our necks and hug us!” his family says.

Gazing at the outside world. Left to right: Moo, Milo and Mable


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