Urgent adoption alert: Butters, Tuxie, Chewy, Dozer and Gray Need a Home!


10/16/2011: Great news! Dozer and Gray were recently adopted!
9/8/2011: Good news! Chewy was
adopted today!
9/7/2011: Great news! Butters found a forever home! He will be going home this Saturday!
9/4/2011:Good news! Tuxie was recently adopted! Butters and Chewy are still looking for a home. In the meantime, you can find them in the cat room. Gray and Dozer are still needing a foster/forever home.

Gray, Chewy, Tuxie, Butters and Dozer need a home urgently. Their foster parent is sick and can no longer care of them- if you would like to adopt or foster one of these juvenile cats, please contact HFA ASAP.

Gray is 5 years old and has the softest far. He enjoys being pampered! Brushing, washing and petting are some of his favorite activities.

Chewy (6 year old male) is an adorably shy cat. He his time to warm up to people and places, but once you get to know him he is as affectionate as can be!

Tuxie spends the majority of her time taking care of her baby boys (Chewy and Garry) grooming her boys (Chewey and Garry). In between grooming sessions, you will find Tuxie by the window watching birds.

Dozer (6 year old male) commends attention– he loves to lounge around but also enjoys playing with catnip, crawling into large boxes and being admired by people.

Butters (6 year old male) is a playful and affectionate ginger cat. He loves to play with milk caps and other toys and enjoys human attention: pet or scratch him and you will be rewarded with a deep, beautiful purr.

Left to right: Butters, Chewey, Gray,Tuxie and Chewey, Tuxie, Dozer

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  1. Linda Filoon says:

    I met these 5 cats yesterday and they are very lovable. OMG they are so cute! Amazingly fat and in desperate need of TLC.


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