9/4/2011: Sabrina (Annie) and her new sister Storm (Pinkerton) are having a blast together! Their human says: “they are the funniest cats, they dance together (meaning they go down hallway sideways on their tippy toes, back arched).We have two cubes (one for each cat) but they run into the cubes not realizing the other one is in there and scare each other….they play tug of war with their feathers and get them all over the house, and as soon as we get out of shower, they are in there rolling in the water leaving paw prints.”

Here is a recent picture of the two:

Left to right: Storm and Sabrina watching TV

8/26/11: Sabrina’s human (Formally called Annie) sent us a picture of Sabrina and Storm (Pinkerton) at breakfast. Adorable!

Top to bottom: Sabrina (Annie), Storm(Pinkerton)

8/17/11: Good news! Annie has a new sister!
Annie has been recently adopted and her name was changed to Sabrina. Her owner says: “Sabrina is a riot, she drags all her toys into bed with us, when we wake up in the morn we are covered in feathers and catnip mice. She loves to chase ice…We always play with feathers on a stick with her. But mostly she loves to cuddle in my arms in bed and go to sleep.”

Here are a few pictures of Sabrina in her new forever home:

Medium • Young • Female

Annie is a playful young cat, very social with people and other cats. She’s very curious and displays lots of cattitude.

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  1. Danimal says:

    Annie is very playful and loves her freedom. She can be very loving and also curious. She jumped on my dad’s shoulder and then jumped on a shelf.

  2. admin says:

    What a beautiful picture of Annie! Kudos to the photographer!

  3. Michele Raucheisen says:

    I adopted Annie and what a sweetheart. Love her to pieces….she is so affectionate and friendly….

  4. Michele Raucheisen says:

    I adopted Annie, and she is a sweetheart, so people friendly, a cuddler. She loves to lay in my arms and sleep, she is eating well, and got a great report from my vet. I just love her…..thanks so much….

  5. Jeff says:

    That’s great news! Annie is a real crowd-pleaser – we’re glad you found each other. Keep us updated and if you send pix to they’ll get posted for all to see. A lot of people would love to follow how she’s doing.


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